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Get in touch with your being.

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Marco is teaching a combination of Yoga, meditation and Pranayama (breath work).

Bodywork Bodywork

Marco’s credo is a connection in between client and therapist. 

Retreats Retreats

Marco’s retreats will allow you to clear the fog above your head and find your pure essence.

Meditation Meditation

Learn how to bring more focus on what is present and turn your awareness inward, thus finding a deeper connection to your internal being.

Yoga Yoga

Marco has been trained in ancient Hatha Yoga and has a spiritual approach to his Yoga classes.


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1 August

Sicily Retreat 2015 – a treasure in the Mediterranean Sea

Flying out from one Mediterranean island, Mallorca has prepared me perfectly for Sicily. Sicily and Mallorca share similarities in culture, food and life style in general and have similar landscapes.         Landing in Palermo, I felt partly coming home, as I spent every year my vacation/holidays since early age. Having been super […]


  • Ann-Sophie  –  Germany
    Ich habe regelmäßig Probleme mit meinem rechten Knie und hatte es mir bei einer komplizierten Yoga-Haltung mal wieder so verdreht, dass ich es kaum bewegen konnte. Aus Erfahrung weiß ich, dass in einem solchen Falle eigentlich nichts hilft, außer Zeit und Geduld. Marco hat durch gezielte Massage die Schmerzen maßgeblich gelindert und die Beweglichkeit nahezu komplett wieder hergestellt. So war ich nach nur einem Tag wieder fast so vollständig einsatzfähig – ein Prozess, der sonst Tage bis Wochen gedauert hätte. Dafür war ich Marco unendlich dankbar!
    - Ann-Sophie – Germany
  • Mira – Netherlands
    Meeting Marco, being at breathtaking Vale the Moses, I experienced the most to the point massage I ever had. Besides the confrontation of muscles needed to be loosen up, the warm hearted en open approach created a way deeper unforgettable sense. I’m still very great-full to have met Marco and being treated by his golden hands.
    - Mira – Netherlands
  • Yuki – Germany
    Eine Woche im Yoga Retreat Vale de Moses war ein sehr schöner, erholsamer und lehrreicher Urlaub. In der ruhigen, wunderschönen Natur Portugals, habe ich mich umgeben von frischer Bergluft, gesundem Essen und netten Leuten sehr wohl gefühlt. Die Massagen von Marco waren zusätzlich zum täglichen Yoga ein sehr guter Ausgleich. Er hat sich viel Zeit genommen und ist individuell in einem Vorgespräch auf mich eingegangen. Das Besondere an seiner Massage ist seine sanfte und zugleich feste Massagetechnik, die Marco stets in einem schwungvollen Fluss anwendet. Ich empfehle Marco sehr gerne weiter, insbesondere seine Thai Massage. Vielen lieben Dank Marco!
    - Yuki – Germany
  • Pam Bouyssou – UK

    I was fortunate to be able to have massages with Marco on the four consecutive days I was at the Vale de Moses retreat.

    Never having experienced a Thai Massage before I found them extremely beautiful, gentle, rewarding and beneficial. Each time I felt energised and strengthened by the massage. Marco was so gentle and caring and the whole experience was something I shall carry with me for a long time. Thank you Marco, not only did your massages benefit me physically but also mentally.

    - Pam Bouyssou – UK
  • Cristina – Galicia
    Tuve la gran suerte de conocer a Marco en un retiro de yoga en las montañas portuguesas de Vale de Moses. Gracias a Marco disfruté por primera vez de un masaje tailandés, una oportunidad única para conocer distintas sensaciones a nivel sensitivo, emocional y espiritual. Marco es un gran profesional, muy cercano, sensible y con una experiencia vital muy inspiradora. Marco entiende perfectamente las necesidades del cliente y tiene una capacidad enorme para transmitir energía positiva. Totalmente recomendable!
    - Cristina – Galicia
  • Joanna – London
    I met Marco at Vale de Moses where he gave me a fantastic Thai massage. Marco has got incredible energy and is easy to relate to. During the massage he was conscientious about making me feel comfortable and safe. He was able to easily pinpoint my problem areas, adjusting pressure and applying various methods as appropriate. Through patient and intuitive touch he allowed me to release a lot of the tension at my own pace. On top of that Marco has a deep passion for his practice and genuinely cares about his clients. I strongly recommend.
    - Joanna – London
  • Ruth – Utrecht
    The Thai Massage I had with Marco was my first experience with Thai Massage, and it was so relaxing en relieving. Marco takes time to explain the technique in advance, and with his pleasant, respectful way of being, he directly makes you feel at ease. His massage was a combination of subtlety and firmness in both touches and pressures, and powerful stretching positions, based on the body’s own abilities to stretch. Marco has a gentle carefulness in his technique, and an amazing attention for the person he’s treating.
    Thank you again Marco, for all of your energy! Hope we’ll meet again.
    - Ruth – Utrecht
  • Bryan – San Diego, USA
    Marco has been an instrumental part of my journey over the last year and a half. I initially sought treatment from Marco for low back pain through Thai Massage. While I had many traditional massage treatments in the past, this was my first experience with Thai Massage, and it was transformational! Marco does an amazing job of identifying the areas of the body that require focus and attention to alleviate pain and stiffness. He has in-depth knowledge of how the body work through the connective tissues. During the treatments, the assisted stretches bring relief to joints that add to my lower back issues. Above all, however, there is an amazing exchange of energy from Marco that both relaxes and energizes you.During the treatments, Marco discussed the benefits of yoga to complement the Thai massage treatments. Having never been to yoga, I opted to take a private yoga class from Marco. I found him to be a patient instructor who focuses on establishing proper alignment, effective breathing and being “present.” This gave me confidence to participate in his classes. Being fortunate to live in San Diego, Marco’s Sunset Yoga classes feed both the body and the soul. His passion for what yoga can bring to one’s life is contagious. I feel that the foundation in yoga that I received from Marco will transcend through my continuing journey in life. I highly recommend connecting with Marco in order to begin or continue your journey as well! Thank you, Marco!
    - Bryan – San Diego, USA
  • Claire – London, UK
    I cannot recommend a thai massage with Marco highly enough! He was thoughtful and considerate in the pre-massage consultation and is intent on ensuring that you gain the maximum benefit from the treatment by tailoring it to suit your specific needs/condition. He was incredibly attentive and focused during the treatment which was amazingly relaxing yet powerful and I floated out of the room feeling like a different person!!
    - Claire – London, UK
  • Désirée – San Diego, USA
    The location of the Villa Argento was a walking distance from a little village called Aspra and about 45 minutes east of Palermo, then main city in Sicily. Villa Argento had an exceptional view overlooking the ocean with mountains rising behind the Villa. The rooms were simple but clean and comfortable. The retreat as a whole encouraged a team atmosphere with the other participants as we had breakfast, lunch and dinner together every day and got to know each other well. The beautiful setting were we practiced yoga was very inspiring especially the roof top of the Villa Argento was an amazing sight at dawn and dusk. Every day you could admire a different sunset while practicing yoga. The food was prepared by a local, professional chef and was a delight to taste as it really reflected the local traditions in the area. The beaches and the salty Mediterranean ocean, took me back to memories from my childhood vacations in Spain.
    I had a great time during my retreat in Sicily. I really enjoyed the combination of different experiences such as yoga practice twice a day, meditation, Qi-gong, as well as receiving Thai Bodywork once a day. The Thai bodywork was especially relaxing and entrancing when I let myself go of all the tension in my body and both Aaron and Marco were very attentive, sensitive, gentle, firm and confident while giving the sessions. The yoga practice was challenging enough because I really felt it increased my strength and flexibility together with the Thai Bodywork. The yoga was taught by an experienced yoga teacher Aaron, who really helped me increase my self-awareness during my practice and make small adjustments along the way. There was also time for rest and relaxation, something that was very important to me as well.
    I also enjoyed the cultural aspect of the retreat with organized excursions to several locations in Sicily such as Palermo, San Vito lo Capo and Cefalu, We were also taken to participate in wine tasting of the well-known typical Marsala wines from Sicily, and we had a guided tour in Selinunte around the Greco-Roman temples, a spectacular sight for anyone who visits. Fun and inspiring Italian language lessons where given by a very knowledgeable guide, who speaks 4 languages, and who also guided us throughout the city of Palermo. I also enjoyed delicious Sicilian food that was served at several gourmet restaurants, as well as cooked by our own professional chef at the Villa as mentioned earlier
    Being in Sicily around September was perfect as it was not too hot and the temperatures were ideal even throughout the hottest hours of the day and the temperatures did not fall too low during the evening either. In addition the tourist season was coming to an end, and the popular sites were less crowed.
    I must say that I was really impressed with how the whole retreat was very well organized from start to finish and I felt really well taken care of, attended to in every way. I would strongly recommend this experience to anyone who would like to widen their perspective and get to know a new culture and language while practicing yoga, meditation and Qi-gong to increase health and personal well-being.
    Thank you Marco and Aaron for having me and letting me be part of this very special experience!
    - Désirée – San Diego, USA


Marco is a professional Bodyworker & Yoga Teacher based in Mallorca, Spain. His professional, personal, and spiritual experiences across the globe have instilled within him the desire to help connect people with their communities and themselves,  allowing them to be human-beings  rather than human-doings and enabling them to let go of daily distractions in order to find true peace and stillness within. Combining his experience as a Sports Practitioner with his advanced studies of Thai Massage and Yoga, Marco continues to delve deeper into the holistic world, and feels blessed to be able to share his experience and knowledge with the community.

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